At Borges, we believe good design happens when culture and environment overlap. Great design happens when the two are inseparable. Think of the environment, the surroundings, the smells and sounds, the people, the events, the history. Imagine these things embodied in time and space—body and soul. That’s design.

“We take our clients’ visions and translate them into architectural vocabulary. That’s part of what makes our work so unique.”

What We Do


We create beautiful, functional spaces that embody the vision, passions, and very soul of each community through strategic collaboration and intentional connection with the culture and life of each organization.

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Who We Are

Borges Culture

We’re an architectural family obsessed with creating beautiful, custom designs that do more than provide a roof or shelter. We’re proud of the way our diverse team regularly bans together to shape spaces that powerfully inspire and reflect ideas, emotions, and culture.

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Our Team

We’re always looking for good people committed to growing as architects to join our team. If you’re looking for a creative, ego-free atmosphere with a lot of freedom and opportunity, Borges may be a good fit. We give our people an accomplished team, access to all the resources they need, and permission to kick ass. And then we get out of the way.

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“We want talent, not ego.  We’re looking for people who are teachable and hungry for knowledge.  We like initiative, too”

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